Daily Comment Giveaways.. A Challenge!!

OK OK. I have been entering into a few daily comment blog giveaways. This is challenging to make 50-75 blog comments per day and usually it has to be on a non-giveaway post. Fine, I can totally do that! Problem is.. these blogs aren’t really posting anything but giveaways! Oh, they do post some reviews, but the review is almost always within some giveaway!

I want to win things and these blogs want me to follow their content so they can continue to have sponsors and giveaways and more followers. I believe that there are quite a few giveaway addicted blogs out there that, GASP, have nothing substantial to post on their own.  This is not the case for all of the blogs I visit each day, but it is most of them!

So, I would like to issue a challenge! Yes, I do, and it doesn’t matter to me if there isn’t a single blog willing to accept! If you would like me to visit your page daily and post meaningful comments on non-giveaway posts, I challenge you to make a meaningful non-giveaway post on your blog each day(that is easily locatable)!

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