Yellowstone National Park

We have visited Yellowstone National Park three times over the past 6 years. Each time we visited we got to see plenty of wildlife. I won’t go on and on in this post about Yellowstone. It is an amazing, yet smelly place, to to go visit the inside of a super caldera(you know, the inside of a volcano). Yellowstone is a hot spot for not only buffalo traffic jams, bears being bears, and giant herds of elk; there are also plenty of places to stop and enjoy super heated water and volcanic gases. Our advice is to follow park rules and stay on boardwalks. Stepping off of the boardwalks to get closer to a hot spring can lead to fatal injury.

What I want to talk about is a curiosity. At a location I am not going to disclose inside Yellowstone we experienced seeing something truly strange – each of the three times we visited. Now, this involves elk and only elk. There is a meadow that you can drive by and the main attraction, at least for us, has become a pair of bull elk. The best buds like lounging around, just relaxing and perhaps enjoying watching tourists drive by. Here is the thing about these fellas, they don’t appear to move. It’s not that they aren’t looking around, eating, and what not. It is, each visit we have found them in the same exact spot and doing the same exact thing. Ruminating away and growing this seasons antlers. I’m not kidding, we found them in virtually the same positions.

While we have plenty of excellent pictures of other elk. These guys we far enough from the road to make getting a good shot on our phone camera while we were driving. We were not prepared for something like this. Of course, what are the odds of this even happening? We hope to see them again on our next visit!

Please remember that even elk are wild animals. Do not approach any of the wild animals in the park. Encounters with these and other animals in the park can lead to serious injuries and even death.

For more information visit the Yellowstone National Park website.

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