Our Kitchen Update and Removing Paint from Clothes

Recently, we have been updating our kitchen. We started off with a 1970’s kitchen with good “bones” as they say, but ugly appliances, countertops, cabinets that need refinishing, etc. We have put in a lot of work ourselves to get a better looking kitchen.

This is basically what we had to start with. We already did those floors!

All put the cabinets needed to be refinished completely. The original finish was pretty much gone/ wore down to bare wood on most of the cabinets. Plus the cabinet over the fridge had been saws-alled at some point and was unrepairable as an actual usable cabinet so it had to go. Also, the “vintage” appliances were an eyesore. My husband and oldest son worked hard on sanding and restaining the cabinets. I think they did a marvelous job!

Before we painted and finished up.

We picked out new appliances! It is so hard to find appliances in stock anywhere. We ordered and had to wait what felt like forever, probably a month, for the wall oven, induction cook-top and over-the-range microwave. The fridge we got at Costco and had to wait a day or two for delivery – while everyone else is backordered at least a month!!

We are enjoying our kitchen now!

After all this, painting the room was all that was left. Yesterday, we did a quick paint job on the kitchen and dining area replacing the gold vessel/ yellowish color with a paper kraft/ whitish color to brighten up the rooms. It looks great!

Well, working fast and in clothes I didn’t really want to ruin – I got paint on me. Not only did I get paint on my clothes, but I left it on the clothes overnight and only this morning did I decide to do anything about it. Not worried, I got out the rubbing alcohol and a scrub brush I keep in the laundry room. Using a small amount of rubbing alcohol poured directly onto the paint and scrubbing lightly with the brush removed all the paint. Then, I just tossed the clothing in with the rest of my laundry.

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Organization Must Haves for the RV

So you have a travel trailer or an RV, whether it’s new to you or you have been an owner for sometime you may have noticed that they don’t come equipped with all the conveniences you would like. Here is a short list containing a few of the items we have recently need to add. Maybe they can come in handy for you as well!

The pantry and other storage cabinets in our travel trailer are deep and dark. I had already purchased an LED light bar under our cabinets inside our home and I liked them so much that when I got fed up with our dark cabinets and not being able to see what is in them ordered more. These are great – they are USB rechargeable and they mount with a magnet. Simply choose where you want to mount it and stick it on. The charge lasts a long time. On/Off options include always on, motion sense and off. In addition, there are three light settings, soft, bright white, and soft+bright white. Get these great lights here.

This is another awesome space saving item that I had already purchased one for inside our home and decided to get another to put in the travel trailer. Why don’t all travel trailers come equipped with a place for paper towels? We ended up placing this above our sink, but it will stick anywhere you want to put it. Mounts vertically and horizontally. The hold is amazing and it does not need mounting hardware. Find this cool paper towel holder here.

Our newest travel trailer seems to have a remote for everything. It’s a travel trailer and there are at least 5 remotes to keep track of. We opted for this 3m mounted remote holder to keep track of the TV/entertainment area remotes. It is small enough to mount behind the TV or the inside of a cabinet. The draw back is the flexibility of the interior wall. We will be mounting this with Command Picture Hanging Strips to compensate for the flex and prevent damage from our not so delicate children. This handy remote holder can be found here.

There are five of us and when we go somewhere in the travel trailer most of the time each of us has at least two pairs of shoes. There is a small cubby area in the doorway for shoes, but having at about 10 pairs of shoes really crowds the space. These space saving shoe holders make it easy to stack pairs of shoes and keep track of the matching pairs saving time and space at the same time. We are going to add an LED light here too. Making this area easier to access. These useful shoe slots can be found here.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you find most useful, either from this list or something you use.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways Round-up: Daily Entries

We have had quite the winter ice storm here in Milwaukie, Oregon! Power outages, downed trees, loss of cell service in some areas. The news shows collapsed marinas and apartment complex carports. There is definitely a lot of damage from the freezing rain and we still expect more. All that being said, I am still posting a list of daily entry sweepstakes and giveaways. In the interest of getting it done quickly, I will not be adding very much information with the links below. I am guessing that if you are interested in one of the sweepstakes you will be able to find the details on your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay warm and safe! Good Luck!

Win an Apple MacBook Pro 13 ($1299 Value)!

The ORBIT® Gum Dream Date Sweepstakes – Welcome

New Beginnings $100 MasterCard Gift Card Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

Win Teardrop Earrings with 76 Pieces of Diamonds ($1,900 Value)!

RUFFLES® Ridge Tournament of Champions

Glock 19 Pistol Giveaway – Second Amendment University

7 Days Of Sparkly Giveaways Day 6 • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

Beefer Grill Giveaway

Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

iDrop News Apple iPad Air Giveaway

Ultimate Off The Grid Giveaway

$100 Costco Gift Card Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

Toyo Tires Great Escape Sweepstakes

Kotai Knives 8-Inch Blade Kiritsuke Knife Review and Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

Kami Mini Indoor Security Camera Review and Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

Halo Offer and Sweepstakes – Age Gate

Apple Watch Series 6 Giveaway

Ultimate Home Giveaway

Current Board Book Favorites of the Resident 1-2 year old

Toot Toot Beep Beep by Emma Garcia is the number one requested book around here. Our 18 month old grabs this book and runs to his favorite storyteller of the moment yelling book all the while climbing up into the lap of choice. He likes this book so much we are planning on trying out the other sound books by Emma Garcia – Tap Tap Bang Bang (All About Sounds) and Tip Tip Dig Dig (All About Sounds).

Jonny Lambert’s Construction Site (Jonny Lambert Illustrated) is a lift flap book with plenty of construction noises and colorful images. Books with repetitive sounds are great for practicing early speech. Our 18 month old seems to enjoy the big images of construction equipment. Other books to consider Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC (Jonny Lambert Illustrated) and Jonny Lambert’s Animal 123 (Jonny Lambert Illustrated).

I am listing these books in just about the exact order they end up being brought to our laps for reading. Jane Foster’s Brown Bear Color Book (Jane Foster Books) is a fun way to learn colors and identify some common items and critters. I enjoy reading this one, but my husband does not like it so much. I am looking into Jane Foster’s Animal Sounds (Jane Foster Books) and Jane Foster’s First Words (Jane Foster Books).

So far we have covered the top 3 books. Of course, the top 3 get read the most before the one year old’s attention focuses on something else. However, there are times when reading is the only thing we want to do and we get to read Stanley’s Toolbox (Stanley Board Books). I have to admit this is an adorable book about building a treehouse and would consider reading other books about Stanley. These two might make it into the book basket soon – Stanley’s Fire Engine (Stanley Picture Books, 9) and Stanley the Builder (Stanley Picture Books, 1).

If you haven’t guessed, The Wheels on the Dump Truck, is a construction site take on the classic Wheels on the Bus song. Here again, we enjoy the repetition and the construction vehicles. There does seem to be a theme building here to help us pick future favorite books. Other similar Wheels on the Bus books are – The Wheels on the Fire Truck and The Wheels on the Garbage Truck

A Little Book About Opposites (Leo Lionni’s Friends) follow these adorable mice through some common opposites to learn about near and far and quiet and loud. This book doesn’t read like a story, it simply makes opposite comparisons and has cute little mouse imagery. Also try, A Little Book About 123s (Leo Lionni’s Friends) and A Little Book About Colors (Leo Lionni’s Friends)

I probably have added this one as an honorable mention. As one of the adults who does the reading out loud, I enjoy reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Board Book). Our little one will bring the book over for a read, but again it is not his ultimate favorite (It’s mine!)

Sweeps and Giveaways Round-up: Daily Entries

Here is another edition of the daily entry sweepstakes round-up. I will be posting these as often as possible! Make sure to follow us on twitter, tumblr and facebook to keep up with the most up to date listings. While you are are following us there don’t forget to subscribe to emails from the blog and get us on your favorite social platforms. Good Luck!

Bolla Winter Sweepstakes  Three (3) Grand Prizes will be awarded. Each Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) 50-inch flat screen high-definition television and a yearlong subscription to a streaming service of choice (from a list provided by the Sponsor).
Entry Period: 01/01/2021 – 03/31/2021
Official Rules

Hamilton Beach Food Processor Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways
Entry Period: Ends 04/19/2021
Official Rules

Ten-in-One Steam Mop Cleaner Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways$
Entry Period: 04/19/2021
Official Rules

250 Gift Card. The Parent Game. Enter to win a $250 gift card.
Entry Period: Ends 02/28/2021
Official Rules

Win an Apple iPad ($329 Value)!
Entry Period: 12/08/2021 – 03/15/2021
Official Rules

Entry – IcyHot  One (1) Grand Prize Winner: One (1) winner (the “Grand Prize Winner”) will receive a trip package for two (2) people to attend the Shaq Fantasy Experience (the “Event”) in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 8 – 10, 2021 (the “Grand Prize”) consisting of: (a) round-trip coach class airfare for the Grand Prize Winner and one (1) guest to Las Vegas, Nevada from the major U.S. airport nearest to the Grand Prize Winner’s residence within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, (b) three (3) nights’ accommodations at the MGM Grand Las Vegas (1 room, double occupancy), (c) ground transportation in Las Vegas, Nevada including airport pick-up and drop as well as all Event-related activities, (d) Event-related meals for the Grand Prize Winner and guest, (e) participation for the Winner in basketball activities, (f) invitations for the Grand Prize Winner and guest to all Event-related social events, (g) an exclusive gear package for the Grand Prize Winner, and (h) a signed one-on-one photo with Shaquille O’Neal for the Grand Prize Winner. The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of the prize is US $10,500 but the actual value depends on the actual cost of the included airfare, which depends in part on the location of the Winner’s residence.
Entry Period: 01/15/2021 – 02/28/2021
Official Rules

Reset 2021 Sweepstakes with Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms- Enter for a chance to win a virtual consultation from the Home Edit.
Entry Period: 01/08/2021- 02/28/2021
Official Rules

MultiFunctional Bamboo Cutting Board Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways
Entry Period: Ends 4/12/2021
Official Rules

Win A Le Creuset Signature Grill Pan | Leite’s Culinaria
Entry Period: Ends 2/22/2021
Official Rules

Amazon Halo Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways
Entry Period: Ends 4/12/2021
Official Rules

Win an iPad ($499 Value)!
Entry Period: Ends 04/09/2021
Official Rules

Win An Anolon 10-Piece Tool Set | Leite’s Culinaria
Entry Period: Ends 02/18/2021
Official Rules

Frontera Music Stage Sweepstakes 2021 – HP2 Win Forty (40) prizes awarded. Each week five (5) winners will receive $500 gift card
Entry Period: Periods End 02/28/2021
Official Rules

The Heineken Star Quality Sweepstakes – Prize awarded as a $1,040 Prepaid Card
Entry Period: 01/04/2021 – 12/31/2021
Official Rules

Win An Oceanic Twelve-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set | Leite’s Culinaria
Entry Period: Ends 02/15/2021
Official Rules

Sugar Refund Sweepstakes – Enter the Sugar Refund Sweepstakes
for a chance to win your $125.
Entry Period: Sweepstakes duration 12:00 am EST on the FIRST of EACH MONTH, through 11:59 pm EST on the LAST of each MONTH
Official Rules

Free and Easy Big Easy Giveaway! | Experience New Orleans! ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: One (1) two-night stay at The Hotel Provincial in New Orleans; One (1) brunch for two at the Court of Two Sisters; One (1) tour for two with Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours; Value: $500
Entry Period: The contest winners are chosen annually and will be awarded in January following the year of the contest. 
Official Rules

Our Favorite Top Rated Baby Carriers

Here we are in the middle of February in Milwaukie, Oregon and it is threatening to snow or freezing rain or at least ice up, but before we know it winter will be over and we can get out and explore everything from parks and hiking trails to camping and wilderness! I know that isn’t everyone’s’ cup of tea, some people actually like going shopping at the mall.. gasp!

If you haven’t already explored our about page to find out we have a little one – he is almost 18 months as of writing this and currently running around in just a diaper, because he refuses to get dressed. We are a really active family and like to go out in the middle of nowhere – you know off the trail. To take the little guy, he definitely needs a ride and strollers are not going to cut it out there for us. We have had two different carriers and have like each of them for specific reasons.

The first carrier we had was the LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby and Child Carrier. I loved that I had him close to me, how easy it was to use, and the 6 different features. However, this was just for the time while he was small. Remember, we go off trail/wilderness hiking,-we are not strolling the neighborhood, dog park or local mall. While this is an excellent carrier for those tasks, we needed something a bit more tough with storage and would work better long term for our purposes.

That brings us to the Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier!!

We continue to use and enjoy this carrier. It works well for both my husband and I to use and the straps adjust so easily when we switch who is doing the carrying. Other important features include the weight limit, height adjustments, sun/rain shade/cover, and most of all passenger enjoyment. The view from this carrier is much more interesting than the Lillebaby, which has his head resting below or at shoulder level. Besides the view, our toddlers just outgrow the cloth type carriers so fast. The Osprey carrier can do it all. The biggest drawback is the size and it doesn’t fold down much.

If you have questions or anything to add about either of the carriers don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Of course, we would love to hear about your favorite carriers too. Before you go – don’t forget to subscribe to our blog emails and follow us on your favorite social media platform!

Sweeps and Giveaways Round-up: Daily Entries

Daily Entry

So here we are at an incredibly long list that doesn’t offer as much information as it should! I am working on how to be more efficient in doing this, but in the meantime this export of my bookmark list with some editing will have to do!! Hey, if you know how to get summaries with links or another way to do this leave a comment below.

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Relax the Tax Giveaway  Check into Cash enter to win $1,040 Cash (depending on selected winner, prize may be given in the form of a check, prepaid card, or direct deposit transfer via ACH)
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 03/31/2021
Official Rules

Dealnews Smart Home Sweepstakes Enter daily for a chance to WIN $1,000 in Smart Home Accessories!
Entry Period: Ends 02/28/2021
Official Rules

Valpak.com Dinner on Us Sweepstakes Enter for the chance to win a check for $100!
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 03/01/2021
Official Rules

Walmart Survey Five (5) grand prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Walmart gift card in the amount of $1,000 (each a “Grand Prize”). Total approximate retail value (“ARV”) of all Grand Prizes is $5,000. Seven hundred and fifty (750) first prizes will be awarded, each consisting of a Walmart gift card in the amount of $100 (each a “First Prize”). Total ARV of all First Prizes is $75,000. Regardless of the entry method used to enter the Sweepstakes, there is a limit of seventy-eight (78) entries per Entrant for the entire Sweepstakes Period.
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 04/30/2021
Official Rules

Farm Star Living Potato Lover’s Sweepstakes with Green Giant™ Fresh! The prizes are: $500 Gift Card.
Entry Period: 02/021/2021 – 02/28/2021
Official Rules

Garmin STRIKER Vivid 9sv Giveaway – Wired2Fish.com Finding fish is the hard part, catching them is easy, and finding them just got easier with the STRIKER Vivid 9sv sonar. This CHIRP unit includes traditional, ClearVu, and Side Vu and comes equipped with a GT52 transducer and a crystal clear 9″  color screen. 
Entry Period: 01/31/2021 -02/16/2021
Official Rules

Niagara Refreshingly Fun Family Sweepstakes One (1) Prize will be awarded which will consist of a trip (“Trip”) for the Prize Winner and up to three (3) guests (“Guest(s)”) to Universal Orlando Resort.
Entry Period: 01/18/2021 – 03/28/2021
Official Rules

Panda | Xbox Series X Giveaway – Vast | Expand Your Reach Enter for the chance to win an Xbox Series X.
Entry Period: Ends 03/01/2021
Official Rules

Win A Valencia Pro Ceramic Non-Stick 11-Piece Cookware Set | Leite’s Culinaria You can enter this giveaway two (2) times per e-mail address per day.
Entry Period: Ends 03/12/2021
Official Rules

2021 Big South Sweepstakes – Registration – Big South Conference One (1)Grand Prize winner will receive two mini helmets autographed by a professional football player, a set of Hercules tires, and an Apple Watch 6. ARV $2,000. Eleven (11) finalists will receive an exclusive prize package on behalf of the Big South Conference.
Entry Period: 01/05/2021 – 02/14/2021
Official Rules

Win A 6-Quart Instant Pot | Leite’s Culinaria You can enter this giveaway two (2) times per e-mail address per day.
Entry Period: Ends 03/13/2021
Official Rules

Subnation | Xbox Series X Giveaway – Vast | Expand Your Reach
Entry Period: Ends 02/25/2021
Official Rules

Enter to Win a Professional Video Editing Bundle | MAGIX VEGAS POST Suite Enter for your chance to win VEGAS POST Suite and the latest Intel® Core™ i9 processor-based HP Z Book Studio G7. Also, you’ll get a free 30 day trial of VEGAS POST Suite when you enter and can save 40% on purchase of VEGAS POST Suite subscription!
Entry Period: 12/14/2020- 03/01/2021
Official Rules

Win An Oval Covered Casserole with Cork Tray | Leite’s Culinaria You can enter this giveaway two (2) times per e-mail address per day.
Entry Period: Ends 03/09/2021
Official Rules

FlexiSpot Adjustable Home Office Desk Giveaway • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways
Entry Period: Ends 04/26/2021
Official Rules

Nick Jr. Monthly Sweepstakes Twenty (20) winners will receive a year-long subscription to Noggin – the trusted learning service from Nick Jr.
Entry Period: 01/25/2021 – 02/27/2021
Official Rules

ixiTimmyixi | Pixio 144Hz Gaming Monitor Giveaway – Vast | Expand Your Reach
Entry Period: Ends 02/14/2021
Official Rules

Huggies National Hug Day – Welcome Grand Prizes (25): Each grand prize is a $500 Gift Card (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) (each a “Grand Prize”). No more than twenty-five (25) Grand Prizes will
be available in the Sweepstakes. The ARV of each Grand Prize is $500. First Prizes (100): Each first prize is a $100 Gift Card (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) (each a “First Prize”). No more than one hundred (100) First Prizes will be available in the Sweepstakes. The ARV of each First Prize is $100.
Entry Period: 01/15/2021 – 02/15/2021
Official Rules

HawaiizYETI | Pixio 144Hz Gaming Monitor Giveaway – Vast | Expand Your Reach
Entry Period: 02/12/2021
Official Rules

Win A Set of 4 Art Nouveau Stainless Steel Canisters | Leite’s Culinaria You can enter this giveaway two (2) times per e-mail address per day.
Entry Period: Ends 03/05/2021
Official Rules

Win an Apple Watch ($399 Value)!
Entry Period: Ends 02/25/2021
Official Rules

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Cute Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Kids!

It’s not too late to get something special for the young ones in your life! Just today, I was shopping for my 3 boys and I found some cute ideas on Amazon. My boys are 1, 9, and 12 and I was able to find the perfect gifts for each of them. Take a look at some of the gifts I found!

Did you find what you were looking for? Need more ideas to help with your Valentine’s day shopping? All of these great ideas and more can be found on this list. What did you find? Tell us which of these ideas you love. Did you find another idea that’s too good to not to share? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Sweeps and Giveaways Round-up: Monthly and Weekly Edition

Here is Winning at Savings’ daily listing of giveaways and sweeps! Have submissions? Contact us here!

Monthly Entry

Win plunder from Black Flag Deals. A Chance to win $100 gift card each month.
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 11/30/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Milk Street Magazines monthly giveaway. Enter for your chance to win Telton 16.9 oz Jug + Theo Milk Jug + THeo SLow Brewer + Theo Sugar Bowl $235.95 VALUE
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 02/28/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Shopper’s Voice complete survey for your chance to win one of 3 $500 gift card prizes this month.
Entry Period: 01/01/2021 – 12/31/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Sweetwater’s monthly gear giveaway FEB 2021 Win an incredible guitar player’s dream package from Sweetwater. Start with a gorgeously warm PRS SE Hollowbody II electric guitar. Add a super playable D’Angelico Excel Tammany Acoustic-Electric guitar. Sweeten the deal with a new Delta King 12 amplifier, the new 15-watt tube 1×12 combo from Supro. Top off this tonal trifecta with a pro-quality 25’ silent instrument cable from PRS
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 02/28/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Weekly Entry

MotoSport weekly giveaways from ARMA, BELL, ATLAS, and MATRIX.
Entry Period: 02/01/2021 – 02/28/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Smithfield Taste Victory. Enter for the chance to win $10,000.
Entry Period: 01/18/2021 – 11/14/2021
Enter Directly Here Official Rules

Buckmasters Hunt Giveaway. Enter to win a Yamaha Grizzly ATV.
Entry Period: 01/18/2021 – 01/10/2022
Enter Directly Here Official Rules