How I Turned a Won $85 Gift Card into $95

My local shopping mall Clackamas Town Center held an Oscar Nominee giveaway to win an $85 Shop Etc. Gift Card on Facebook. Of Course I entered and was thrilled when I won! Shortly after winning I signed up for Clackamas Town Center’s “The Club” which was offering a $10 Shop Etc. Gift Card to new members who make a total of $75 in purchases in one day at one or more of the stores at Clackamas Town Center. Woohoo! I chose to shop at Victoria’s Secret and buy myself two new bras. I was a day late for getting a $15 gift card from Victoria’s Secret(they ran out of the gift cards for that promotion!). Very upsetting! Still I was able to get a Secret Reward Card that is going to be worth anywhere from $5-$500 during the month of April. That is still a bonus any way you look at it! So far, out of pocket, for my fabulous new bras I have paid $2.50!

Right now, Clackamas Town Center is running another sweepstakes – Whack-a-Weed Spring Refresh Sweepstakes

Won!: The Stinky Cheese Man Tickets!!!


HURRAY!! I was looking into buying tickets for this play and I happened upon just an hour or two before the giveaway closed. Woohoo!! I am so glad I won a family four pack for the showing of our choice!

I will be taking my camera along in hopes of getting some great pictures of us at the show and with the help of my son we will have a review! 🙂

Here is a bit about the play:

Oregon Children’s Theatre presents The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

No cherished children’s story or famous fairy tale is precious enough to be spared from the witty sarcasm of author Jon Scieszka and his narrator, Jack.

Lampooning childhood fables and poking fun at the theater business are all part of the script—which no one seems to be following! Chicken Licken is running around like a…well…you know, the ugly duckling grows up to be an ugly duck, the Giant eats the Little Red Hen, and the rest of the cast are wreaking havoc with anything that resembles structure.

It’s a hilarious hour of your life that you won’t wish you had back! This weird and wacky play has been rated awesome for everyone.

Playing March 2 – 24, 2013
Saturdays at 2pm and 5pm
Sundays at 2pm
For tickets: 503-228-9571