Art Car World: Douglas, Arizona

This is the ‘look mom is crouched in the street to take our picture, quick look away’ shot

Honestly, we hadn’t heard of Douglas Arizona or even Art Car World. We have seen Art cars here and there. If it wasn’t for a wedding we were attending on Erie street in Bisbee Arizona we would have missed out on this cool museum in the making.

Having some time to use up while staying in Douglas we stumbled across this great place using Google maps. When we walked up it looked like it wasn’t open. However, a sign on the door had a phone number to call to make an appointment for a tour.

We didn’t end up calling and we were making our way to leave when the man behind the museum came out to greet us and take us on a tour. How cool is that?

There is a story behind every art car and a name for each car. Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared to take notes. I did take pictures of some of the cars onsite. There are more cars at the museum.. and even more on the way.

About twenty years ago on a Mexican bus in the city of Juarez ,I first saw the wrought iron beetle. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and was sad that I didn’t have my camera out. Like it would have mattered with how fast our bus was going. I didn’t even have time to get my sister’s attention so she could see it. I was surprised and happy to get to see it again and be able to tell my kids stories about that long ago trip.

I took a lot of pictures, but didn’t manage to get a picture of every car. Even if I had I wouldn’t want to spoil the museum completely for everyone else. Where would the fun be if I did that?

Monster cars, camera van, cathedral car, land yacht, jewelry, mad max-esq, and so much more. We really recommend going. You can add this stop to your trip- Make a reservation for a tour and even make a donation to the museum using the link at the bottom of this post.

For more information visit the Art Car World website

Current Board Book Favorites of the Resident 1-2 year old

Toot Toot Beep Beep by Emma Garcia is the number one requested book around here. Our 18 month old grabs this book and runs to his favorite storyteller of the moment yelling book all the while climbing up into the lap of choice. He likes this book so much we are planning on trying out the other sound books by Emma Garcia – Tap Tap Bang Bang (All About Sounds) and Tip Tip Dig Dig (All About Sounds).

Jonny Lambert’s Construction Site (Jonny Lambert Illustrated) is a lift flap book with plenty of construction noises and colorful images. Books with repetitive sounds are great for practicing early speech. Our 18 month old seems to enjoy the big images of construction equipment. Other books to consider Jonny Lambert’s Animal ABC (Jonny Lambert Illustrated) and Jonny Lambert’s Animal 123 (Jonny Lambert Illustrated).

I am listing these books in just about the exact order they end up being brought to our laps for reading. Jane Foster’s Brown Bear Color Book (Jane Foster Books) is a fun way to learn colors and identify some common items and critters. I enjoy reading this one, but my husband does not like it so much. I am looking into Jane Foster’s Animal Sounds (Jane Foster Books) and Jane Foster’s First Words (Jane Foster Books).

So far we have covered the top 3 books. Of course, the top 3 get read the most before the one year old’s attention focuses on something else. However, there are times when reading is the only thing we want to do and we get to read Stanley’s Toolbox (Stanley Board Books). I have to admit this is an adorable book about building a treehouse and would consider reading other books about Stanley. These two might make it into the book basket soon – Stanley’s Fire Engine (Stanley Picture Books, 9) and Stanley the Builder (Stanley Picture Books, 1).

If you haven’t guessed, The Wheels on the Dump Truck, is a construction site take on the classic Wheels on the Bus song. Here again, we enjoy the repetition and the construction vehicles. There does seem to be a theme building here to help us pick future favorite books. Other similar Wheels on the Bus books are – The Wheels on the Fire Truck and The Wheels on the Garbage Truck

A Little Book About Opposites (Leo Lionni’s Friends) follow these adorable mice through some common opposites to learn about near and far and quiet and loud. This book doesn’t read like a story, it simply makes opposite comparisons and has cute little mouse imagery. Also try, A Little Book About 123s (Leo Lionni’s Friends) and A Little Book About Colors (Leo Lionni’s Friends)

I probably have added this one as an honorable mention. As one of the adults who does the reading out loud, I enjoy reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Board Book). Our little one will bring the book over for a read, but again it is not his ultimate favorite (It’s mine!)