Hoover Dam

This was a fun, funny stop for us. We did have to wait out a delay of opening the dam at the nearby Lake Mead view point. After the brief delay we were on our way to check out this dam historical monument. While we opted out of the exhibits we did walk the dam and visit the gift shop.

A little Dam history. Hoover Dam was built during the depression. It took less than 5 years for thousands of workers to complete. The Winged Figures of the Republic, by artist Oskar J. W. Hansen, sit on the Nevada side of the dam and are part of the commemoration of the dams dedication by President Franklin Roosevelt.

The Dam bathrooms. This was the best mens bathroom my boys have ever been in according to them. As described by our middle son they had cool old style bathtub like urinals, boxy metal sinks, gold lining around the mirrors. The entire bathroom was black marbled granite. To get into the bathrooms they had to climb a flight of stairs, passing a window with a view looking out the leeward side of the dam. They felt like they were stepping back in time. I’m sure if you would like to know more you can google more information or plan your own visit!

For more information go to the Hoover Dam Website.

Making Dinner EASY with eMeals!!

I found a way to cut down on grocery shopping time, reduce waste and pick out special diet friendly meals all in one place!. I choose the recipes and send the shopping list to my favorite grocery pick up service and bam it’s so easy. It’s all in the eMeals app.

What’s so great about eMeals?

  • You can use it wherever you happen to be.
  • Choose from multiple grocery stores. (Instacart, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Shipt and more)
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I love eMeals because it saves me so much time and we are trying new things every week. It doesn’t get boring. We are signed up for the full package (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, occasions) and we are using it all! You can choose to sign up for as many meal times as you want. It is better than any meal delivery service we tried because we are in control and can access meals from our favorites list. Having so many weekly options is great.

I wont keep going on and on about how much we love it. I will give you two weeks free so you can try it and see for yourself


Roswell New Mexico

They are among us. We landed in Roswell in the middle of the night. Coming in from the north on a completely dark highway added to the adventure of it. Just as we’re getting bored the dark horizon lit up with synchronized blinking lights.. the entire field of view was pulsating with red lights. Of course it was just green energy in the form of windmills, but not knowing that at first made it exciting for the bored children in the backseat.

The next morning we headed over to the visitor center where they had Roswell merch and tourist information. After leaving the visitor center we made our way down the street to the International UFO Museum Research Center. The exhibits were informative and entertaining.

The truth is out there and Roswell might be one of the places to find at least part of it. For more information about visiting Roswell check out the Visitor Center website.

I want to believe…