Our Storage Story…

We haven’t always lived in our RV. Once upon a time, that wasn’t all that long ago, we lived in a house. The five of us and our dog put almost all of our stuff into storage containers. It was easy to do. The company dropped off the containers in the driveway and suddenly all of our stuff was packed away.

Storage containers are convenient. They are great for remodeling projects and short term storage that can be delivered where you need it. We just don’t need it living in the RV. I have forgotten what’s in there, but my husband wants to keep all his stuff.

Storage containers cost too much in the long term, so I sought out and found a traditional storage unit that will cost us a fraction of what we have been paying for the container. Today, I had one of our containers delivered. I spent all day moving stuff out of the container.

Tomorrow the company will take away the empty container and bring another. I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I am looking forward to that.

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