Preparing for Take Off

I’m working on a pretty big decision. I have been considering different host agencies for travel advisors. I have decided to become a travel agent and that’s the only easy part of getting started with this new business.

I have reached out to local travel advisors thinking at least one could offer some advice or opinions. I was surprised when no one responded. Despite that, I have pushed on with narrowing down the host agencies. There are so many, hundreds! I think I’ve got it down to two to choose between. And no, I didn’t and couldn’t spend time looking into each and every host agency. I narrowed my search to what I need from a host, reviews, top 10 lists, etc.

Another task is deciding what type of travel I plan on focusing my business on and who I plan on selling that travel. From domestic and corporate travel to cruises, tours, luxury and all inclusive resorts. Will my customers be couples, families, groups (either families/friends or corporate, reunions, churches, etc.)

There is the need to choose a name for my travel company too! Something that is unique and catchy for my chosen specialty and customer base.

Our Storage Story…

We haven’t always lived in our RV. Once upon a time, that wasn’t all that long ago, we lived in a house. The five of us and our dog put almost all of our stuff into storage containers. It was easy to do. The company dropped off the containers in the driveway and suddenly all of our stuff was packed away.

Storage containers are convenient. They are great for remodeling projects and short term storage that can be delivered where you need it. We just don’t need it living in the RV. I have forgotten what’s in there, but my husband wants to keep all his stuff.

Storage containers cost too much in the long term, so I sought out and found a traditional storage unit that will cost us a fraction of what we have been paying for the container. Today, I had one of our containers delivered. I spent all day moving stuff out of the container.

Tomorrow the company will take away the empty container and bring another. I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I am looking forward to that.

Disneyland, Not so Happiest Place on Earth

First of all, we had absolutely no plans on stopping at Disneyland. It wasn’t part of our road trip. We were going to avoid it. However, as is plain to see, we changed our minds and surprised everyone with day at Disneyland!!

We used the app to get our tickets and reservations, showed up early and got great parking. Disney folks know that great parking still means quite a hike.

We got the whole crew unloaded, there is 5 of us and our little one would definitely be needing his stroller for the long day ahead and we hike toward the entrance.

Before you can get to the actual park entrances you need to pass through security. No biggie, right? We just had our basic toddler supplies, wallets, etc. I also had a selfie stick. A short selfie stick that we planned to use once at the park entrance and stow away in the stroller for the rest of the day. We wanted one family picture without having strangers handle our phones (COVID and all).

Well, not being Disney buffs, when the security person who looked at the stuff inside my one pocket hip pouch for entirely way too long and the selfie stick and phone in my hand and said I would have to walk it back to my car or abandon it with him because they were banned in the park we believed him and left it there because we did not want to walk all the way back and waste of Disney time. So we ended up with an okay shot of just the boys in the family. After seeing many other guests in the park with selfie sticks we started to get perturbed. Later, I checked the Disney Rules and it turns out that selfie sticks are banned but not tripods. Well, my selfie stick was a tripod. Many tripods can be selfie sticks. Anyhoo, can’t change the past and I ended up replacing it with a better selfie/tripod.

Once in the park, we were taking turns going on rides with our older boys and at first this was working great. We were able to let the ride staff know and get a fast pass for the other parent to take their turn. Originally, we were told we could get up to 3 fast pass for our group. Which was perfect because we have two older boys, two parents and a toddler. So while one parent stays back to hang with the toddler the other can ride with the boys. Then switch. Well, every single time I was the second parent to ride with the boys and every single time I was grilled about where I got the fast pass, what time was it for, and a few other questions I can’t remember and never knew the answers for. We were not waiting half the day to use these, we were switching right out. It was incredibly annoying, ride staff was loading these passes on to our app and not giving us any kind of instructions to be able to pass the quiz. It really felt like we were being accused of something.

It was a learning experience for us for sure. We still don’t understand the parent/caregiver fast pass program. We absolutely will go back, because I am craving another churro and the boys still had a blast. Next time, it looks like I will have study all the rules before we visit. If you would like to go over park rules visit