Preparing for Take Off

I’m working on a pretty big decision. I have been considering different host agencies for travel advisors. I have decided to become a travel agent and that’s the only easy part of getting started with this new business.

I have reached out to local travel advisors thinking at least one could offer some advice or opinions. I was surprised when no one responded. Despite that, I have pushed on with narrowing down the host agencies. There are so many, hundreds! I think I’ve got it down to two to choose between. And no, I didn’t and couldn’t spend time looking into each and every host agency. I narrowed my search to what I need from a host, reviews, top 10 lists, etc.

Another task is deciding what type of travel I plan on focusing my business on and who I plan on selling that travel. From domestic and corporate travel to cruises, tours, luxury and all inclusive resorts. Will my customers be couples, families, groups (either families/friends or corporate, reunions, churches, etc.)

There is the need to choose a name for my travel company too! Something that is unique and catchy for my chosen specialty and customer base.

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